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  • Hydronic Efficiency Product Guide
  • Commercial Flamcovent
  • Clean Smart Series
  • Flexvent Series
  • Flexconsole
  • NEX Series
  • BaseFlex
  • Autofill Valve
  • Backflow Preventer
  • NexBalance
  • FlexFlow Balancer
  • Pressure Step Deaerator

The Hydronic Efficiency Product Guide gives an overview of all products listed from the Flamco, Nexus, and Sentinel Brands that improve system performance.

The Flamcovent Clean Smart air and dirt separator range removes even the smallest micro-bubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system water. They are close to maintenance-free and the flow resistance is negligibly low, which saves energy.

The Clean Smart Series from Nexus are supplied in five connection sizes up to 2”. Thanks to the smart use of high-grade plastic in the body, these air and dirt separators represent a lower load for the heating system. They can be incorporated in a variety of heating and cooling systems and in every desired direction. The 360° rotating connection and compact dimensions of the Smart series enables them to be easily installed even when space is limited.

The water in a hydronic system contains air which can cause corrosion and reduce the thermal transfer. A Flexvent is installed at places where air collects. Float operated, the air is collected in the Flexvent causing the float to drop and open the air release valve. When the air is eliminated the float will rise and close the valve.


The Flexconsole provides secure wall mounting for expansion tank installations. Using the Flexconsole, the expansion tank attaches to the connection part “B” for a secure vertical mounting position.

The NEX series ASME expansion tanks offer a removable bladder and are pre-charged. Designed to absorb expansion volumes and control the pressure in a heating or cooling system, the NEX series offers flexibility for the installing contractor with installation in either a vertical or horizontal position. The system fluid is contained in a full acceptance heavy duty butyl bladder that helps to prevent corrosion as well as waterlogging issues.

The BaseFlex expansion tank protects hydronic systems from excessive pressure and is designed to accept expanded water resulting from increased system temperature.

The Autofill boiler feed valve is designed to fill the boiler and maintain the desired water pressure in the system at all times. The autofill valve includes a stainless steel filter to help prevent system debris buildup inside the body, a pressure gauge to confirm accuracy, and a shutoff valve to prevent automatic filling in the event of a system leak.

The dual check lead-free backflow preventer with an atmospheric port is designed to prevent the backflow of boiler system fluid into the potable water supply. Designed for either cold or hot water applications with a temperature range of 33-210° F, the BFPNL Series with ASSE 1012 certification is suitable for both residential and commercial systems.

The NexBalance hydraulic separator makes primary secondary piping the easiest part of your installation. With built-in air and dirt separation, low flow resistance, and a built-in temperature sensor well, the NexBalance eliminates pump conflict and improves the heat transfer of your system.

Hydraulic balancing is ensuring you have the right amount of water, in the right place at the right time and neutralizing hydraulic imbalance that occurs when using several circuits and pumps. The FlexFlow Balancer provides improved regulation of the system, considerably improved heat transfer, and can prevent pump damage due to overload and wear & tear.


A new and innovative tool that utilizes vacuum technology to deaerate entrained air in hot or chilled water Hydronics systems. The compact design allows the PSD to be installed in almost any mechanical situation. The PSD is an efficient low-power consumption unit requiring only 110v and 3 amps to run and is easy to program through simple LED readout controls.