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A Closer Look at the Commercial Flamcovent Clean Smart

The Flamcovent Clean Smart separator operates 60% more efficiently than its competitors removing air, dirt, and magnetite as small as 5 microns.  The ASME separators range from 2½”-24” with non-ASME models available upon request.

The Clean Smart series utilizes a steel separating element to efficiently separate the microbubbles and dirt from the system fluid.  The double thrust technology incorporates a return flow upstream of the separating element to return the deaerated fluid to the system. Retrofit jobs are a breeze for the Clean Smart since there isn’t a coalescing media to become clogged with debris.  The powerful neodymium magnets attract and retain any ferrous metal particles that have accumulated in the fluid. The unique dual dirt scraper efficiently removes any stubborn dirt from the base of the separator prior to the blowdown process.  This ensures a complete blowdown every time the system is serviced.

The Flexvent automatic air vent effectively removes all the accumulated microbubbles while keeping the system fluid where it belongs – inside the separator.  The engineered conical design of the vent means the float remains low enough to prevent fluid leaks and fouling common in other designs.

The Flamcovent Clean Smart series is engineered to keep your boiler and chiller systems operating at their peak performance while protecting your system components from air and dirt accumulation.