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Our Foundation

Since 1956, Flamco has worked to develop, produce, and sell high-quality components for hydronic systems. Sustainable heating and cooling is an everyday life concern.

Hydronic systems help reduce energy and emissions and therefore support sustainability in every step of the building life cycle. They are sometimes invisible but always contribute fundamentally to how a building functions. We aim to ensure efficiency from source to emitter. Our engineers are passionate about mission-critical building technology systems. We pave the way for sustainable heating and cooling for eco-friendly residential, commercial, and industrial buildings through innovative products like magnetic air & dirt separators, expansion vessels, and vacuum deaerators.

In doing so, we remember our role in sustainability and why we strive to make our operations as clean, green, and waste-free as possible, and we always keep the total life cycle of our products in mind.

Our Mission

Help our customers win with innovative hydronic solutions that improve system performance, save energy, and optimize installation.

Company History



Humble beginnings

The establishment of Flamco N.V. and the production of the first Flamco wall brackets and pipe hangers.


world leader

Flamco has grown into a world leader in its industry and is now active in 67 countries.


Aalberts Hydronic Flow Control

Flamco was acquired by Aalberts Hydronic Flow Control. This internationally active group of companies has specialised in technical products and systems in the fields of installations, heating, cooling and solar solutions. The company belongs to Aalberts N.V. of the Netherlands.

Winning Together for Tomorrow

By delivering innovative, tailor-made, and fail-safe solutions, we bring great visions to life with superior system performance and energy savings.

Flamco 2003 - BW-SF

Hydronic Specialties Nation Wide and Beyond

Starting with simple ideas for better products at great prices and utilizing a managed growth program, Flamco has created an international presence in the HVAC industry. Flamco continues to improve the quality of products and services with a focus on expanding product lines, services, and distribution points.